Going down to the LA Zinefest this weekend. 
Here's some new stuff I'll be selling/trading/giving away at the Poochie Press table...

 Intruder #9
(Check out our new Website!)
((cvr by DL))

 Insect Bath #1
Got a 6-pager in the first issue of this grisly horror series from Profanity Hill!
(cvr. by AD)

Bugs on Drugs (SMT-060) 8pgs.
Harsh Drug Newave frustratingly xeroxed on handcut newsprint
(super limited!)
$1.50 ppd. email: maxclotfelter(at)gmail(dot)com


Tomorrow Night.
Come out and PARTY.


new shit...

The Triumphant return of Dennis P. Eichhorn!
Real Good Stuff from Poochie Press 
Buy one HERE!
(cvr by Mary Fleener)

On your Marks
Official anthology of Short Run 2013
35 contributors!
(cvr by Chris Cilla)

 No Me
The real deal underground art zine edited by Jason T. Miles
 Available from Profanity Hill

Mixtape anthology edited by Brandon Lehmann
Single page collaboration with Chris Cornell 
Far-OUt coloring by Bobby Mono!

I contributed a one page illustration to the Brown Bag Rag which can only be found inserted into the Blue Sabbath Black Cheer/Masturbatory Dysfunction split 12". 
Available from Pent Up Release

Ian Sundahl's Heelage-high heel art anthology!
This one you gotta' own!

Lots of beautiful drawings of sandwiches. 
You know you want one!

It's all over the place. You got one yet?
(cvr by Ben Horak!)

Private wedding zine for some friends produced by the old Scuboch Comics crew!

Andros #6 (SMT-059) 16pgs.
Collects odds-n-ends from a bunch of 2012 anthology work. 
$2.75 ppd. email: maxclotfelter(at)gmail(dot)com


 Hobot's still loitering on Comics Island. Find it in PORK #13!


Big update soon. But for now, here's some recent Dune covers by Seth Goodkind, Aidan Fitzgerald, Mark Allender, & John Ohannesian!


Improvised installation at Vermillion Gallery a couple of weeks ago with Trude pals Tim, James and Marc!  


Selling minicomix at Black Coffee Co-Op this Sunday!


More Stuff...

 Hole Show #1 (and #2) has been reprinted in the Michael Dowers-edited(!)/Fantagraphics-published Treasury of Minicomics Vol.1! Buy it here!

 I contributed 5 illustrations to the Bobby Joe Ebola Songbook which collects lyrics, stories, road advice and  other complete weirdo madness by this group of Cali-folk-punkers!  Published by Microcosm Publishing.

Portland's GRIDLords second anthology Other Worlds features a four page adaptation of the first chapter of Chris Rawlings' brilliant novel Alternate Realities


recent stuff...

 Black Eye 2
Edited by Ryan Standfest and available from Rotland Press
Contains 2 pages of FEMA Funnies.

 BLACK EYE BUNCH Collector's Cards
Limited Edition of 100!
Available from Rotland Press.

 Custard Record
24 page two-color screen-printed art zine!
Edited and printed by Chris Cilla and Matthew Davison
I contributed a single page comic about a seventeen foot pubic hair.
Available from Floating World Comics?

 Hollow Earth Radio Zine!
Edited by Ruby Nekk
Featuring illustrations by me, Kelly Froh and Shana Cleveland!

 PORK 12
Hottest issue yet.
Hobot bringing the bum(mer) vibves to another installment of Comic Island!

Comics about tabling at cons!
Conceived and edited by Rob Kirby
Stories by Cara Bean w/ Sally Carson, Tony Breed, Mark Campos, M.C., Kelly Froh, Gabrielle Gamboa, Justin Hall, Robert Kirby, Jason Martin, Carrie McNinch, Matt Moses w/ Jess Worby, John Porcellino, Aron Nels Steinke, Rick Worley, and Zine Crush.

Snake Meat #4
SMT-58 12pgs $1.66ppd
Email buschcan(at)hotmail(dot)com


Come out and drink us poor...
(poster by D.Shuler)